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About ourselves

Turnover and sales structure 2014

turnover and sales structure

Milestones in our company history

1909   Founded by David Tobler. Production of dried fruit and other dried products.

1945  MIGROS takes over the company. 

1973  The first company in the world to fill juices into Tetrapacks.

1983  The first producer in the world to bottle ice tea on an industrial scale. 

1995  Entry into the refrigerated convenience sector with the Anna's Best brand.

1998  Commissioning of the first PET cold aseptic line (CAF) in Switzerland for the aseptic bottling of beverages.

2003 Commissioning of central high-bay warehouse. Production of “dream steam“ frozen vegetables.

2004 Expansion of fresh products with high degree of convenience

2005  New system for the production of potato and vegetable crisps under vacuum with a very low fat content.

2006  Expansion of the beverage bottling capacity with another CAF system.

2007 We undertake a two-year reorganisation phase with a focus on fresh convenience products.

2010 Take over Centrale Traiteur company

2011 Take over Obermeilen